Nappy trial – Blueberry Coverall Wrap

Why did I want to trial this wrap?

I liked the patterns it was available in especially the owls (I have a particular fondness for retro owls patterns) and the dinosaur print looks pretty cute too. You also get to choose between poppers and velcro.

Which options did I choose?

I choose the owls pattern and the poppered wrap.

Where was it bought from?

I bought the wrap from the Nappy Lady, the wrap was on special offer and delivery was free which is always helpful.

First impressions

I was a little bit disappointed that the print on the wrap wasn’t as bright as pictures seemed to indicate. It looked well constructed and I liked the ability to adjust the height with poppers. Eli is quite petit and so his size 2 wraps swamp him a little bit – this wrap should be great because it can grow with him.

First trial

We used the wrap for the night-time nappy the day we received it. It fit well over Eli’s bamboozle stretch and there was no wicking even though he wore the nappy until just before breakfast.

After a month

I’ve used the wrap quite a few times overnight and once during the day. During the day trial I had a small issue with wicking (something I’ve found before with gusseted wraps and may have been more a factor of the flexitot it was covering not being up to full absorbency) but there were no issues overnight.

Final analysis

I really like this wrap, lots of positives including:

  • able to adjust the size of the wrap using poppers across the front
  • able to get a good fit with the poppers on the waist
  • available in many different prints (boy, girl and unisex)
  • fit well over both Tots Bots bamboozle stretches and Tots Bots flexitots
  • trim fit, not too baggy
  • lasted very well overnight – 12+ hours
  • nice sturdy, but flexible, fabric

Would I buy more (if I needed a new wrap)?

I have to qualify this one because we have plenty of wraps but I do like these and would seriously consider buying another one (probably with dinosaurs on it…) if I needed a new wrap.

Fluffy post

I had a couple of fluffy parcels drop through the door a couple of days ago – I’m looking forward to trialling my new nappies and wrap (thanks to R enabling my nappy addiction by suggesting that I buy a few more to trial). I’ve now got a:

  • Blueberry Coverall wrap
  • Tots Bots Flexitot
  • Close Parent New Generation Bamboo Pop-In

I’ve already used the wrap once and am hoping that after their pre-washes the two nappies will be ready to go today (bamboo can take ages to dry sometimes). It’s probably not great for my bank balance that I’m already planning what I want to buy next from my wishlist

Cloth nappy wishlist

I’m really happy with the cloth nappies that we’ve chosen for our current stash but there are so many other types of nappy out there though and I’d really like to try a few just to see what they are like, all in the interest of blog research of course…

So, each month I’m going to buy a nappy or wrap, use it for a bit and write about it here. Might need to buy a new nappy box first though since the existing two are already full to bursting…

My current fluffy wishlist is (links are to the manufacturer’s website or to retailers that I’ve used and been happy with in the past, links in bold are to the results of my nappy trials):

With one a month this could take a while to get through but I’m going to try as many as I can before Eli potty trains.

Our nappies – Tots Bots Flexiwraps and Motherease Airflow wraps

As we use two part nappies for night times (this reduces the chances of a leak) we need to use a wrap along with the nappy itself. Our night nappies are Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretches and our night wraps are Tots Bots Flexiwraps and Motherease Airflow wraps. I’m happy to use either wrap but am currently preferring the airflows as they seem to provide a slightly better fit as Eli heads towards the top of the size range for both.

Since I can’t think of cons for either wrap (for night time use the only real criteria is that they don’t leak) a brief list of the pros for each:


  • Tots Bots Flexitots
    • very soft flexible fabric;
    • good choice of colours and patterns;
    • trim fitting – not so much a consideration for a night nappy but useful if they are needed for days.
  • Motherease Airflow
    • poppers on waist and legs to get the best fit;
    • choice of plain white or a handful of other prints (recently updated);
    • make his bum look massive which I find really cute.

The airflows are a bit bulky when used with a day nappy but it doesn’t matter for me at night.

The vital statistics for our wraps:

How many do we have?

Currently in use I have 5 – two flexiwraps and three airflows. When Eli outgrows these I have the same again plus a few more for him to use.

Which sizes do we have?

We have size 1 and 2 flexiwraps and medium and large airflows. Eli is currently using size 1 and medium (both go up to 20lb).

How long would we be able to use just this part of our stash?

I have enough for our night nappies in our current sizes but will have a few spare when he moves up.

How often do these wraps need to be changed?

They last for 12+ hours overnight and I don’t tend to get any wicking unless I leave the night nappy on too long in the morning.

How easy are these wraps to wash?

We wash all our nappies and wraps together and don’t need to do anything special for these. I just need to make sure that the aplix is done up on the flexiwraps.

How long do they take to dry?

Both types of wraps air dry very quickly either indoors or out.