Toothy milestones

First gappy photo.

Considering Lex was well over 6 when he lost his first tooth, it was a bit of a surprise in the summer when Tilly told us she had a wobbly tooth. It stayed wobbly for a while until last Thursday when it fell out at school. Luckily the school are obviously well practised at this and it came home in an envelope all ready for the tooth fairy.

The kindly tooth fairy did indeed leave £1 for an excited little girl. She promptly asked to change it into ‘school money’ two 50p so that she could buy snacks from the snack trolley. Since they only sell fruit and veg I was quite happy to agree.

At the same time, Eli is suffering through the arrival of two new teeth. One, the top right lateral incisor is through (last week when Tilly lost her tooth) and the left is on its way. This does account for my lessened posting routine on this blog – teething is tiring!

It’s a recurring theme but we have a poorly boy again

A poorly (but smiley) Eli.

It is fascinating, in a completely sleep-deprived way, how each of my children has suffered teething differently. Lex’s first teeth resulted in fevers and a clingy, limp, sleepy (except at night) baby. With him Medised, now outlawed, was brilliant as it helped him sleep despite his discomfort. Tilly didn’t have the fevers, I do remember disturbed sleep but generally teething did not bother her too badly (that I remember – maybe I’ve blanked the memory!). Eli seems to be following in Lex’s footsteps and throwing in a couple of variations of his own.

It’s been a rough couple of days and nights for Eli and those of us he has been depriving of sleep and I think that he has another tooth (or two) on its way out. Of course whether or not I’m right won’t be proven for a day or so but it helps to have something to blame!

Just like last time he cut a tooth we have a feverish boy – his temperature’s been up for the last two days, at its highest reaching 38.9°C (easily controlled using paracetamol or ibuprofen luckily). A new variation on the theme was the D&V he had after his nap this afternoon. Whilst smelly and messy it was a good opportunity to end the extended play date Lex and Tilly were having with some of Lex’s friends from school who live nearby. Eli’s nappies generally have been yuck and frequent for the past couple of days.

No sign of any other illness though and there is a massive bump next to his one existing top tooth. I really hope I get some sleep tonight but I won’t expect it, pity it’s R’s turn for a lie-in tomorrow morning.

Finally, only one more sleep and daddy’s back

It’s been a long 4 weeks but tonight is the last time (for a while I hope!) that I’ll be solo parenting as R is currently flying back from Japan to rejoin family life. Luckily my mum has been on hand to help in the mornings (before school broke up for the holidays) and in the evenings, eating dinner with us and then staying to help with bath time. Of course she hasn’t been here through the night or for the early mornings (not that I would have ever expected her to be!) and it’s been a very tiring time!

Whilst I am happy to see R simply because I’ve missed him, I am also happy to see him because it means that I may get the odd lie-in and afternoon nap and hopefully fend off some of the crushing exhaustion I am currently operating with.

So, one more night to survive and then reinforcements arrive.

Kids always have to prove you wrong

Today at our baby group (only allowed to attend one more session <sob>) while watching a 5 month old who had just conked out on the mat, I said to those around me that I have never had the type of children who could just fall asleep anywhere, like in a highchair for, I don’t know, an example.

Guess what Eli did tonight… How does a baby do that – you say, oh he never does x, y or z and within no time, and despite not having the receptive language skills or forward planning to make their parents look silly, they’ve done whatever it is they never do and you look like you don’t know your child very well.

Today it is possible that Eli had just not had enough sleep during the day as a trip to the zoo and then baby group had scuppered his ability to nap but it was, almost certainly one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The poor child was trying desperately to eat but just. couldn’t. keep. his. eyes. open. He then tried to sleep in the high chair but only lasted a minute before he realised he was horribly uncomfortable and started screaming. After I released him from his plastic not-a-bed he snored happily on my lap until bath time. Of course I was concerned that his impromptu nap would mean difficulty in getting him to sleep at bed time but no, he really was tired and had no issues dropping off in bed.

Sadly of course, this type of one-upmanship does not take place when you say things such as ‘they never sleep through the night’ or ‘they never spend days not bickering with their siblings’ <sigh>.

Poorly boy (yet again)

I’ve just dosed Eli with painkillers just as I did last night when nothing else would settle him. As usual I have no idea what is unsettling him – teeth/cold/upset stomach or all of the above?

I just hope it settles soon – after the screaming at midnight last night I’m even more exhausted than usual.

We may yet have a summer

OK, so actually I doubt it but today was nice! Tilly is at the coast with my Mum in order to attend a cousin’s Christening and so it is just my boys and me at home. Much as I love my daughter, she has a raging case of middle-child syndrome at the moment and it has been quite quiet and conflict free at home – I know she’ll be loving the 1-to-1 time with my Mum too.

Lex, Eli and I had a lovely afternoon at a friend of mine’s house – there were a gaggle of kids 0-13 years and enough young boys to keep even my socially awkward lad entertained. I was able to sit and chat whilst cuddling Eli and the food was yum. After lunch we took the kids to the park, definitely a good day.

Tomorrow we get to see R’s step-brother and his family and they get to meet Eli – Lex normally gets on quite well with his step-cousin so it should be another good day. Only having to keep an eye on one child (Eli is easy to keep near me) should reduce the stress I normally suffer at MIL’s house – my two big kids do seem to bounce off the walls there in a fairly hideous fashion!

Fingers crossed I may even have a lie-in tomorrow – no squabbling, or even chatting nicely, siblings at 6.00am would be a relief – I am very tired.

Ear infection part deux

It’s back… It announced itself on Wednesday night with inconsolable screaming at 23.15 and 2.20 and by the morning there was delightful gunk expelling itself from Eli’s ear. A doctors visit yielded a new prescription for antibiotics much to Eli’s displeasure. We’ll follow up with the doctor on Thursday and hopefully by then the infection will be gone. Until such time I’ll be existing on not much sleep and cuddling a poorly baby.


Getting there

Another horrendous night – Eli woke at around 1.30am and it went downhill from there. At around 3am I went downstairs and he settled (and I dozed) until about 4.30am but then the screaming started and so I headed back to the bedroom to avoid waking the other kids.

R left me to sleep in the morning and took the big kids to swimming lessons by himself leaving Eli and I to rest which has definitely helped. After swimming the kids were desperate to go to Nana’s so they all headed off there – extra peace, bliss! The screaming fits have been non-existant, fingers crossed for actual sleep tonight.


Cream crackered

Today has been somewhat long and relentless. Another night of Eli screaming and unable to be settled at 3am (calpol was the trick but that took time to work) means I’ve not been particularly with it today. Poor Tilly has been somewhat neglected but was very good and generally ok with my lack of ability to play. Have now foisted the boy onto his father and am enjoying a bit of space for a moment.

I’ve not quite worked out what’s up with Eli but since he’s not running a temperature, is breathing ok and painkillers seem to help it just doesn’t seem worth a doctors visit. Considering how hard it is to get him to take paracetamol or ibuprofen I’m not sure how I could get any other medicine, if it were prescribed, down him anyway! Perhaps it’s a ear infection – one ear seems a bit gunky?

Thankfully it is Saturday tomorrow, my weekly lie-in and the potential for R to take the older kids swimming if Eli needs to stay home (i.e. if I can’t drag myself out). I’ve just bribed Lex into putting some toys in the playroom – thankfully stickers are good currency in this house.

Next week will also be easier since we should be busier – lots of things to break up the days, a visit to a cousin and a visit from a LLL friend are all events to look forward to. Maybe Eli will be sleeping better again soon and I’ll be able to be thoughtful over a post…