I’m always impressed at how a visit to A&E can make a poorly child well again – even before they see a doctor

Yesterday, at about 10.00am, Eli started throwing up. He then proceeded to sleep, wake, scream, arch his back, retch, vomit, scream, relax, sleep in a regular cycle that lasted about 20 minutes at a time for hours.

By 16.30, when it clearly wasn’t abating, I thought I’d give NHS Direct a call so they could tell me he probably had a virus and I should just keep him hydrated. Basically I wanted them to validate what I thought was the right course of action but, without access to my GP (why do these things always happen on a weekend?) figured NHS Direct would be the next best thing. They told me to go to A&E. Dammit. Of course, once you’ve been given advice like that you have to go otherwise what if it really is serious and you ignored it…

Packed up a bag with all the muslins I could lay my hands on and off Eli and I went. He finally asked for a feed whilst we waited in the waiting room and then proceeded to be violently ill about 10 minutes later. Yay to another mother in the room who helped me clear up the mess as cuddling Eli meant I couldn’t do much but stare at it. We didn’t have to wait long after that incident for a nurse to see us and she rolled her eyes when I told her what NHS Direct had said. Eli was looking ok, just a bit pale, but she had to double-check he could tolerate fluids so she started us on a fluid challenge, 5 ml of water every 5 minutes.

Poor Eli, he was so thirsty that he sobbed each time the syringe of water finished. He wasn’t sick again though and by the time we saw the doctor it was pretty clear we didn’t need to be there. Two hours after we arrived Eli was waving at other children in the waiting room and trying to talk to them. He was having 10 ml of water every 5 minutes and had had 5 minutes of milk without incident. Honestly, you would never have known he had been so ill for most of the day.

Eli today – if you hadn’t just read this you’d never know he’d been ill yesterday…

It’s always a bit embarrassing when you take your very ill honest! baby to A&E and they are clearly in absolutely no danger of anything except an over protective mother by the time they are seen. That said, all I have to do is remember the time I thought Lex (at 4) had a bit of a temperature and a cough and I eventually took him to the walk-in centre and he ended up in hospital for a week with pneumonia (in my defence he’s always been a bit stoic about pain, it really wasn’t obvious at all how ill he actually was!). So I go to A&E when advised even if I don’t think I should, even though I’m 99% sure it’ll just lead to a miraculous recovery and the doctor will think I’m nuts – ‘So he’s your first?’, ‘No my third.’, ‘Oh…’ – just in case!

It’s a recurring theme but we have a poorly boy again

A poorly (but smiley) Eli.

It is fascinating, in a completely sleep-deprived way, how each of my children has suffered teething differently. Lex’s first teeth resulted in fevers and a clingy, limp, sleepy (except at night) baby. With him Medised, now outlawed, was brilliant as it helped him sleep despite his discomfort. Tilly didn’t have the fevers, I do remember disturbed sleep but generally teething did not bother her too badly (that I remember – maybe I’ve blanked the memory!). Eli seems to be following in Lex’s footsteps and throwing in a couple of variations of his own.

It’s been a rough couple of days and nights for Eli and those of us he has been depriving of sleep and I think that he has another tooth (or two) on its way out. Of course whether or not I’m right won’t be proven for a day or so but it helps to have something to blame!

Just like last time he cut a tooth we have a feverish boy – his temperature’s been up for the last two days, at its highest reaching 38.9°C (easily controlled using paracetamol or ibuprofen luckily). A new variation on the theme was the D&V he had after his nap this afternoon. Whilst smelly and messy it was a good opportunity to end the extended play date Lex and Tilly were having with some of Lex’s friends from school who live nearby. Eli’s nappies generally have been yuck and frequent for the past couple of days.

No sign of any other illness though and there is a massive bump next to his one existing top tooth. I really hope I get some sleep tonight but I won’t expect it, pity it’s R’s turn for a lie-in tomorrow morning.

Poorly boy (yet again)

I’ve just dosed Eli with painkillers just as I did last night when nothing else would settle him. As usual I have no idea what is unsettling him – teeth/cold/upset stomach or all of the above?

I just hope it settles soon – after the screaming at midnight last night I’m even more exhausted than usual.

Somewhat rested

Well Eli’s illness/developmental spurt?/teething? was tough. A few days of very little sleep for me due to lots of nightwaking by the boy had me exhausted by last Friday. At that point he was the world’s saddest baby, not feverish but covered in a viral rash, not feeding or settled. Of course when I finally decided that maybe a visit to the doctor would be sensible he metamorphosed into a giggling, cooing (rashy) charmer. Last night he slept through – at least 7 hours – I don’t expect it to happen again soon but it was nice! Picture is of my poor rash covered monkey.

Poorly baby

It could be a long night with a feverish baby asleep on my chest. Eli woke up from his afternoon nap a bit warm and unhappy and is now calpoled up and hopefully about to sleep for a bit. Since Wednesdays are baby group I am hoping that he’ll perk up a bit before tomorrow afternoon. At least we’ll have a quiet morning with Lex at school and hurricane Tilly at the zoo. I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing a new tooth soon?

Catching up

Today has been about catching up on the laundry. With much help from my mum, 4 loads went through the machine and lots of clean clothes were put away.

Eli had his last dose of antibiotics today – here’s hoping the infection is gone and I can get back to normal soon. Tired of the house looking like a hurricane’s just been through.

In a nutshell

Eli is still ill – mainly congested today but I think his ear is still bothering him. So an otherwise good day can be summed up as:

  • Southampton: Lex is away for the weekend with Nana and Oupa.
  • Swimming: Tilly is doing really well, no worries about putting her head underwater – like Lex at this age she can swim as far as she can hold her breath.
  • Arty Crafts: as Tilly’s treat activity whilst Lex is away we took her to buy some cheap art kits to use – she chose stickers, wooden spoon superheroes and a couple of other bits. After lunch she had a great time doing everything with R.
  • Restaurant: Took Tilly out for lunch – she’s been nagging to go to this particular place for a while.


Ear infection part deux

It’s back… It announced itself on Wednesday night with inconsolable screaming at 23.15 and 2.20 and by the morning there was delightful gunk expelling itself from Eli’s ear. A doctors visit yielded a new prescription for antibiotics much to Eli’s displeasure. We’ll follow up with the doctor on Thursday and hopefully by then the infection will be gone. Until such time I’ll be existing on not much sleep and cuddling a poorly baby.


Creeping back to normal

So, Eli finished his antibiotics yesterday and I no longer have to remember to administer them 3 times a day. Sleep is better too – he’s feeding a lot but isn’t unsettled so I’m getting rest again.

Today was entertaining – couldn’t find my keys in the morning. Phoned R to discover they were at work with him. On any other day this would be annoying but easily overcome, Monday is gymnastics day which is something else entirely. Mum went to get the keys for me in the end as the logistics of nursery, school and gym runs was too complicated otherwise. Crisis averted.