So yeah, I knitted another elephant

Yet again I have neglected my blog – the culprit a birthday present for a friend and he turned out pretty well. I’m getting the hang of sewing up (although I am going to teach myself how to knit in the round to see if it’s less hassle than all those seams!) and the recipient of the colourful elephant, despite being a very talented crafty person themselves, struggled to spot where all the seams were so they were either being very kind or my mattress stitch is working.

The best thing about this particular elephant is that his adventures have continued ever since he was presented (a week late but it takes time to craft great gifts).

So – clearly he’s a bit cheeky as he’s been playing the piano when left alone in the house, trying on his owners shoes and trying to sneak out of the house. He does have his lovely side – entertaining his owners baby, bringing her coffee after a rough night and reading stories. He was a bit poorly but perked up after some calpol and cuddles.

It’s been fun receiving the texts showing his latest antics – nothing like giving a gift that is truly appreciated!

Slightly more regular programming (plus loads of knitting as this gradually morphs into a craft blog) shall be returning. I have a Christmas nappy to show off (but it is not yet December so not proper to do so currently) and Lex is about to turn 7! He’s had a great party – need to record what we did for that too, Star Wars meets trains is not a usual theme…