Nappy trial – Blueberry Coverall Wrap

Why did I want to trial this wrap?

I liked the patterns it was available in especially the owls (I have a particular fondness for retro owls patterns) and the dinosaur print looks pretty cute too. You also get to choose between poppers and velcro.

Which options did I choose?

I choose the owls pattern and the poppered wrap.

Where was it bought from?

I bought the wrap from the Nappy Lady, the wrap was on special offer and delivery was free which is always helpful.

First impressions

I was a little bit disappointed that the print on the wrap wasn’t as bright as pictures seemed to indicate. It looked well constructed and I liked the ability to adjust the height with poppers. Eli is quite petit and so his size 2 wraps swamp him a little bit – this wrap should be great because it can grow with him.

First trial

We used the wrap for the night-time nappy the day we received it. It fit well over Eli’s bamboozle stretch and there was no wicking even though he wore the nappy until just before breakfast.

After a month

I’ve used the wrap quite a few times overnight and once during the day. During the day trial I had a small issue with wicking (something I’ve found before with gusseted wraps and may have been more a factor of the flexitot it was covering not being up to full absorbency) but there were no issues overnight.

Final analysis

I really like this wrap, lots of positives including:

  • able to adjust the size of the wrap using poppers across the front
  • able to get a good fit with the poppers on the waist
  • available in many different prints (boy, girl and unisex)
  • fit well over both Tots Bots bamboozle stretches and Tots Bots flexitots
  • trim fit, not too baggy
  • lasted very well overnight – 12+ hours
  • nice sturdy, but flexible, fabric

Would I buy more (if I needed a new wrap)?

I have to qualify this one because we have plenty of wraps but I do like these and would seriously consider buying another one (probably with dinosaurs on it…) if I needed a new wrap.

Fluffy post

I had a couple of fluffy parcels drop through the door a couple of days ago – I’m looking forward to trialling my new nappies and wrap (thanks to R enabling my nappy addiction by suggesting that I buy a few more to trial). I’ve now got a:

  • Blueberry Coverall wrap
  • Tots Bots Flexitot
  • Close Parent New Generation Bamboo Pop-In

I’ve already used the wrap once and am hoping that after their pre-washes the two nappies will be ready to go today (bamboo can take ages to dry sometimes). It’s probably not great for my bank balance that I’m already planning what I want to buy next from my wishlist