Nappy trial – Close Parent New Generation Pop-In nappy

Why did I want to trial this nappy?

I’ve seen them on nappy sites and they looked cute (yes I am clearly easily swayed by how pretty a nappy is). The construction is a bit different to my other nappies and so I was interested to test that as well.

Which options did I choose?

I opted for the bamboo nappy in the monkey print.

Where was it bought from?

I bought the nappy from Kittykins – it’s a site I’ve used often in the past and delivery was free.

First impressions

It looks great. The nappy is simple to put together (and the coloured soakers mean it’s easy to see what belongs to the nappy). I liked the instruction insert which gave guidance on what level of poppers to use depending on the weight of your baby, I haven’t seen that before on my other one-size-fits-most nappies. The bamboo does take a while to dry once washed (I had to wait impatiently for it to dry so that I could use it for the first time!).

First trial

It was easy to fit and looked really cute on – sadly I didn’t get much of a chance to trial it as Eli did a poo in it within 10 minutes… Second trial was a bit more successful – usual length of wear (about 3 hours), no leaks and Eli seemed comfy.

After a month

I love this nappy and am currently trying to figure out a way to afford a few more. I’m regularly disappointed when I use the nappy and then can’t use it again until after the next nappy wash.

Final analysis

This is a great nappy:

  • trim fitting and looks good on
  • available in a good range of colours and prints (I particularly like the prints and the bright colour collection)
  • easy to put together and adjust
  • I didn’t have any issues with leaks (I treated the cloth hammock like soaker like a gNappy pouch and made sure it was in Eli’s leg creases as this seemed as if it would keep the cloth away from the leg gussets and prevent wicking)
  • the bamboo inserts are very absorbent but do take a bit of time to dry (the outer shell dries really quickly)

Would I buy more?

Definitely – just need to find a good offer as I’ve got too many nappies to need any more. We should be going to the Baby Show in October – hopefully Close will have some deals there!

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