Organisation is not my middle name

School starts tomorrow and I think we’re ready (just). I was somewhat smug earlier in the summer as I had 90% of the kids uniform bought, I’d ordered name tags and was quickly gathering the remaining uniform we needed. Unfortunately my natural tendencies towards procrastination took over and, well, today I actually did the hard work.

I’m currently nursing a mild repetitive strain injury from ironing labels onto two piles of uniform. That’s two hours of my life that I won’t be getting back and which I spent standing, moving an iron on and off of items of clothing, holding it 10-15 seconds at a time and repeating the action three times for each item. Perhaps I’ll go back to scribbling the kids’ names in biro on the labels – less resilient but much, much easier.

Having actually labelled the clothes I then needed to put it away. This sounds like a simple task but, if you’d ever seen either of my big kids’ rooms you would know that this first required me to clear a path to wardrobes and chest of drawers and the chance of me standing on a small, painful piece of Lego was still guaranteed. At least I had enough hangers – always a positive to be found.

I also found Lex’s PE bag (hidden under a pile of clothes in his wardrobe) and his recorder. The PE bag would have been easy to replace if it had stayed lost but since his plimsolls – the only size 12s we could find in town on the one day we had between him notifying us that his were too small and his next PE session – were hideously expensive (for plimsolls) and had. to. be. found. The recorder has been hidden all summer because I am a bad parent who thinks the sound of recorder practice is a form of parental torture.

So, it’s been a slightly chaotic, stressful day but we’re ready and I did have a couple of moments of school readiness brilliance over the summer:

  • most of the uniform was bought at the start of the summer (before the previous term had even ended!) and was on sale and all required sizes were in stock;
  • I ordered name tags (for the first time ever) in plenty of time (always waited too long before) and in the right quantity;
  • we went to try on shoes the week before school was due back and had enough time to order in the shoes the kids wanted (actual store selection was rubbish) and I ordered in the right alternative sizes (Tilly’s fit fine but Lex needed a half-size smaller than he was ‘measured’ as).

Roll on the new school year and I promise next year to not leave everything to the day before (ha, ha).

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