Crappy day presents – chocolate is medicine

One of my friends (M) is having a fairly crappy time at the moment. Her once ‘good sleeper’ has, at 7 months, decided that sleep is, in fact, for the weak and the sleep deprivation on top of life’s other challenges is taking its toll. Having seen the relief with which she collapsed when R took her (gorgeous, bouncy) little boy for a cuddle at the beach a couple of days ago and the dedication she showed to mainlining chocolate mini rolls it was clear she was in need of a little pick-me-up.

A crappy day present seemed in order. I remembered reading about crappy day presents a while ago and thought it sounded like a great idea. I only had 30 minutes in which to sort mine – the time I had between leaving the house and heading to M’s house for coffee/lunch/general mirth (fortuitously arranged the week before) – so it was more an immediate gift rather than anything too brilliantly thought out. Thankfully the shopping gods were smiling on me – nice chocolate? save 1/3, yummy biscuits? 50% off – it’s almost as if they knew what would be needed. I, after staring at the shelves for some time as I have no clue what would be her preferred caffeine hit (am not a regular coffee drinker myself), also picked up a packet of coffee and if prettiness of packaging is any guide it should hopefully hit the spot. I hope that M’s crappy time passes quickly and that she’ll be back to enjoying chocolate for its tasty qualities rather than its medicinal ones soon.

As a parent I think there are plenty of days where a crappy day present would be in order and I love the idea of having a few gifts, graded for the kind of day to which they would be most suited (Swistle’s follow-up post shows a few more of the gifts she received). Having a present waiting just to enhance a rubbish day is very appealing (especially when it’s chocolate)… What would you want to find in your box of crappy day presents?

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