Of second-hand clothes and hand-me-downs

Boxes of outgrown kids clothes – some waiting for Eli, others waiting for Godot.

After almost 7 years and 2 boys and a girl we have a lot of hand-me-down clothes. As Lex outgrows his clothes we pack them up ready for Eli – Lex is currently in age 6-7 and 7-8 clothes and Eli in 6-9 months so there’s a few batches waiting! Of course Tilly’s clothes have no younger sibling waiting for them and so we have to make other plans as she grows out of them. Then there are the clothes that Eli has now outgrown, there’ll be no younger sibling for those either.

So, the question becomes what do we do with all these clothes?! I no longer have the excuse of the mythical third child to hoard them all and avoid the issue and we really could do with freeing up some really useful boxes for the clothes the big kids are steadily growing out of.

I have so far done a very poor job of passing on my baby clothes – there’s a number of reasons for this, the highlights being:

  • I don’t just want to give them to a charity shop – I don’t know why but I’d like to know where they are going and hopefully get to see them in use again, especially the nicer pieces.
  • I think that eBay sounds like a lot of work for very little reward, e.g. what if the person who wins the bid won’t pay, plus there’s the never getting to see them again thing as above.
  • I love to receive second-hand clothes but I have this, irrational most likely, idea that other people will be offended if I offer them mine so dilly dally about and the moment passes.
  • I don’t know many people with kids the right ages for the clothes I have.

Despite this I have so far managed to:

  • give the 3-6 month girl’s clothes to a friend from baby group (along with the 6-12 month girl’s coats);
  • give the 6-12 months girl’s clothes to an acquaintance from another baby group (and received some boys clothes in return);
  • give the 2-3 years girl’s clothes to my cousin and she’s happy to have any other clothes Tilly grows out of now so I have a home for anything Tilly outgrows from now on;
  • give a handful of 12-24 month girl’s clothes to a friend but there’s still two boxes left.

I think that I’m going to save lots of tiny baby and newborn clothes for Tilly to use with her dolls. The rest of it though, all the boys clothes and the 0-3 months clothes? I just don’t know, I’m hoping my friends will continue to have children and I’ll be brave enough to offer them my kids’ outgrown clothes. Although I think R is much less adverse to the charity shop idea than I am so maybe his desire to clear space in the loft will win out.

So how do you deal with outgrown clothes – do you have anĀ aversionĀ to charity shops and eBay too or are you able to donate and sell with abandon?

3 thoughts on “Of second-hand clothes and hand-me-downs

  1. I have bags of them in the loft, waiting for someone to give them to… We got most of them secondhand ourselves and I want to share the love – just don’t have any suitably aged children to pass them on to at the moment!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one – most of my friends have kids the wrong age or gender so I’m keeping things stored until they get that sorted out :)

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