Using gNappies – putting them together and putting them on

gNappies are great nappies – they’re incredibly slim fitting and look great on – but they do have a few idiosyncrasies that makes them not like any other cloth nappy that I’ve owned/seen. This is not a bad thing but does mean putting them together and putting them on is a bit different too – I thought a little run through might be useful for anyone considering using gNappies (or for anyone already using gNappies but struggling to get a good fit). gNappies come in three parts as shown above: the gPant, a cotton outer (not waterproof); the gPouch, a waterproof pouch to hold the absorbent layer; and the gCloth, the absorbent layer with a fleece top to keep baby comfy and hemp and cotton for absorbency. You can replace the gCloth with gRefills, which are a fully biodegradable, disposable option.

To put the nappy together the gPouch is first poppered into the gPant. This poppering makes it really easy to replace the pouch when you do a nappy change. It also makes the pouch more flexible within the nappy which helps the pouch keep a good seal (when it’s fitted properly!). The gCloth can then be laid in the pouch. The cloth is slightly larger than the pouch which causes the nappy to fold in half slightly – this is expected and makes sure the nappy fits without the cloth moving about and possibly escaping the pouch.

I tend to make up all our nappies at the same time – makes nappy changes a bit quicker. As we have twice as many pouch/cloth combos that gPants I also put the spares together so that I can change Eli into a clean gNappy and then snap in another pouch to the previous gPant. We’re all about saving ourselves a bit of time at the nappy changing station!

Right, so now the nappies have been put together, it’s time to put them onto a baby. The main points to remember when fitting a gNappy are:

  1. The ‘g’ logo is on the bum – yes this means that they do up around the back.
  2. The tabs must be done up straight and not too tight.
  3. The pouch edges must be within the crease of the baby’s leg – very important!
  4. Give the gPant a little tug at the back when you’ve finished the change.

Doing up the tabs

gNappy tabs do up at the back which must be great with a toddler – no tempting tabs to yank undone! It’s a bit strange to do a nappy up ‘backwards’ at first but you soon get used to it.

Doing the tabs up straight means no uncomfortable rubbing for the baby. Don’t be tempted to do the tabs as tight as possible – you’ll just end up with lots of leaks around the waistband as the seal will be broken at the top of the pouch.

Checking the pouch

To make sure that the pouch has a good seal around the legs you need to push it inwards so that it is right in the crease of your baby’s leg. This is definitely the most important part of getting a good fit on a gNappy – if the pouch edge is too far out you’ll struggle to avoid lots of leaks around the legs.

All done

Just give the gPant a little yank at the back (the back should be slightly higher than the front) and baby’s all set for 2-3 hours of gNappy wear.

13 thoughts on “Using gNappies – putting them together and putting them on

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  2. Thank you for the instructions – I’ve been having trouble with the gNappies leaking at the back when the baby was put to sleep in his Moses basket. I think I might have tightened the tabs to much!

    I have a question if you don’t mind. Do you know whether there is an optimal position for the willy? i.e. should i be pointing it up or down? and would it affect leaking in any way?



    • Hi – I think it’s really easy to tighten the tabs too much especially since most other nappies need to be snug around the waist.

      Boys can have all sorts of issues with leaking depending where their willy is pointing – pointing down seems to be the best place as the nappy bunches between the legs and wee is more likely to be absorbed because there’s a fair bit of cloth to the back. Pointing to the side or up means less chance of being absorbed by the insert and more chance of hitting the pouch directly and leaking.


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  4. I have been using the gNappies since my little one was born and we’ve got on with the disposable inserts brilliantly, no leakages at all. A couple of weeks ago we went up to the small size nappies and could then use the cloth inserts – which we have done, but they always seem to leak. My LO can be in her nappy for 4 hours between feeds (sleeping) so I assume that can be a reason for the leakage (maybe). But, when we take the nappy off her, the cloth is bunched in the middle of the liner, do you know if it should be like that or still snug in the liner.
    If the 4 hours between changes is too long – do you know if I can double up on the gCloths?
    Thank you.

    • They tend to suggest gNappies should be changed every 2-3 hours so 4 hours between changes could be a bit much for them. Some people do double up the inserts, especially for naps, so it would be worth a try. It is normal for the cloth to bunch up between the legs – I’ve noticed it happens in a way to other types of nappy too it’s just that it’s really obvious with g’s. You may also find that since the cloth is hemp, which will increase its absorbency the more it is washed, they’ll last longer due to that :)

      • Thanks for that. I sent the gNappie people a message too, they said that they have a lady who does a hemp ‘sandwich’ to increase absorbency – may try that tomorrow seeing as how I”m in all day.

          • Oh me too!! Did so much research before little one was born and really had my heart set on these, mainly because of the fact you can compost the wet disposable inserts.
            Will admit to getting a free sample of another reusable nappy whilst at an NCT sale last Saturday though!!

          • Ha – I must admit as much as I love my gNappies I do like to have a bit of choice hence the 8 different types of nappy in my stash!

          • What other ones do you have? I got the LL OSFA at the NCT sale. Have also got some bamboo LL’s and wraps coming that are preloved. Recommendations are greatly received.

          • I’ve heard lots of good things about LL but haven’t tried them myself. Alongside the g’s I’ve mainly got Tots Bots Easyfits (which I used to love but we seem to be getting a lot of leaks now) and Close Parent New Generation Pop-Ins (these are brilliant – last ages without leaks) plus Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretches for overnight. There’s so much choice now – it can be really tricky deciding on what to try – if you have a nappy library in your area or someone who runs nappuchinos they can be great for seeing and/or trying different types.

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