Finally, only one more sleep and daddy’s back

It’s been a long 4 weeks but tonight is the last time (for a while I hope!) that I’ll be solo parenting as R is currently flying back from Japan to rejoin family life. Luckily my mum has been on hand to help in the mornings (before school broke up for the holidays) and in the evenings, eating dinner with us and then staying to help with bath time. Of course she hasn’t been here through the night or for the early mornings (not that I would have ever expected her to be!) and it’s been a very tiring time!

Whilst I am happy to see R simply because I’ve missed him, I am also happy to see him because it means that I may get the odd lie-in and afternoon nap and hopefully fend off some of the crushing exhaustion I am currently operating with.

So, one more night to survive and then reinforcements arrive.

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