Going to be unemployed (by people who pay me) soon

Tomorrow I go into the office I’ve worked in for the past decade (my 11 year anniversary would have been in November) and hand my manager a letter of resignation. I am both happy – I really didn’t want to have to leave my kids to go to work any more especially since that workplace is more than 50 miles and over an hour away – and quite sad – I will miss my colleagues (well most of them – one I definitely won’t miss) and the work.

It’s a new chapter for me, I went back to work when Lex was 6 months and then again when Tilly was almost 11 months but this time it just doesn’t feel right. Of course after childcare and travelling costs I wasn’t earning much money (if any) but I was still getting a pay check each month. Maybe I’ll be able to pick up some freelance work doing web design – blogs and Facebook pages are always needed after all and aren’t too time intensive to set up and administer.

So now I just sign my name to letters I never really thought I’d write and look forward to getting to spend lots of time with my kids as they grow up – I can’t wait.

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