School reports 2012

Lex now has his Year 1 school report and it was lovely (mainly) to read. He is achieving above expectations generally – 2c across the board for literacy, numeracy and science. For individual subjects the lowest he achieved was a 1b with 2c for history and geography. He passed the Year 1 phonics check (which he had already told me) and so academically there were no issues.

Socially though, sigh, a bit of a different story. He’s a had a tough year – he plays with a group of boys led by one of his classmates. Lex is teased, told he’s not in the gang, they run away from him and generally can be quite mean (and I thought these sort of actions would be something I’d have to deal with girls not boys!). They have basically been successfully pushing all of Lex’s buttons and he has subsequently been lashing out on the playground. It culminated in him hitting and kicking the ringleader yesterday which, unsurprisingly led to Lex getting into some trouble. This morning I spoke to his teacher and she had no idea – which since it happens on the playground and Lex hasn’t been talking about it is not unexpected. She had only seen Lex’s angry reaction and he had only ever told her it happened because he was angry – he is a loyal friend after all poor kid. Since she’ll be teaching him next year I am hopeful that she will be able to monitor this situation now, and we only have 3 school days left until summer so yay, and maybe Lex won’t be so sad in the playground next year, fingers crossed.

PTA Summer Fete 2012

The annual summer fete did seem for a moment that it may be a victim of the soggy summer we’re suffering this year but no – we were spared a soaking and had a great day. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to help much this year as it seemed that Eli would be too unpredictable to make it possible for me to sit on a stall all day, however, both Mum and I ended up helping on the cake stall and it went really well. We’ve already put in our request for that assignment next year as it was a lovely stall to work on – not too busy, no silly games to administer and cake! Since we were working the big kids had a fab time running wild – Lex with friends from school and Tilly with the policeman who was allowing kids to investigate his car.

Tilly spent at least 2 hours chatting to the policeman – when there were no other kids interested in sitting in the car she would sit in the passenger seat but if anyone else wanted a go she happily popped in the back. I have absolutely no idea what she managed to say to him over that length of time but he was quite chilled out and patient with her. Towards the end of the day she came and bought him a cake and then sat watching him while he ate it – poor guy. One of the few times she spent time out of the car was when she had to wait for her turn on the pony rides.

The horse riding was, as usual a massive hit with Tilly – our tentative plan for her birthday is to buy lessons for her in lieu of toys (since she has plenty!). Hopefully, between parents and grandparents we should be able to buy enough lessons for her to have a decent chance to begin learning how to ride.

Tilly’s third favourite part of the fete was the face painting – she is so different from Lex in that regard, he has never enjoyed having his face painted, she loves it.

Now Lex has been at school for almost 2 years he is completely comfortable running off with various friends around the field. We barely saw him during the day except when he wanted food, drink or cash. By the end he had headed off with his nearly-twin (same name, same birthday) to play at his house adjacent to the school. I am pleased that he is so happy at school and with his friends – there are issues in the playground but he’s not without people who enjoy his company.

Eli was obviously too small to get much out of the day but was entertained by the people moving around. Mum and I were able to swap him between us when needed and it was definitely easier than it likely to be next year when he is running around.

Anyway, I didn’t see much more of the fete than our little corner but it all seemed to go well. Our stall made over £100, which, considering we were mainly selling 30p cakes is quite impressive. We were quite impressed by the quality of the home made cakes provided for the stall – some very talented bakers amongst the parents. I decided that double chocolate rice crispie cakes were the way to go – I think I did ok, all 24 sold.

Somewhat rested

Well Eli’s illness/developmental spurt?/teething? was tough. A few days of very little sleep for me due to lots of nightwaking by the boy had me exhausted by last Friday. At that point he was the world’s saddest baby, not feverish but covered in a viral rash, not feeding or settled. Of course when I finally decided that maybe a visit to the doctor would be sensible he metamorphosed into a giggling, cooing (rashy) charmer. Last night he slept through – at least 7 hours – I don’t expect it to happen again soon but it was nice! Picture is of my poor rash covered monkey.

Poorly baby

It could be a long night with a feverish baby asleep on my chest. Eli woke up from his afternoon nap a bit warm and unhappy and is now calpoled up and hopefully about to sleep for a bit. Since Wednesdays are baby group I am hoping that he’ll perk up a bit before tomorrow afternoon. At least we’ll have a quiet morning with Lex at school and hurricane Tilly at the zoo. I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing a new tooth soon?

Our little bit of the Olympics

We got up very early this morning in order to be able to go into town to see the Olympic torch relay. Unsurprisingly, Lex was already awake but neither Tilly nor Eli was. Eli managed to avoid waking up – despite the blinds and curtains opening plus the usual household noise – until we moved him and took him out of his sleeping bag. Funnily enough he wasn’t too bothered by the whole experience.

The plan was to buy breakfast in town so off we went. Now, I had this idea that some people may turn out to watch with us but was not entirely prepared for the busy roads, queue to get into the car park and people already lining the roads. We found some friends and the kids squeezed in with them. Conveniently we were located by a bakery and so sausage and bacon butties were purchased (with a bit of foresight about what would happen once the event was over).

Then we waited and waited and waited a bit longer… Policemen came past, various logoed vans came past and we waited. Bigger logoed vans/buses passed us, everyone got very excited and then they told us it would be another 5 or 6 minutes and we waited.

Finally the torch arrived and then a few minutes later it was gone. Oh well, at least we went and the kids can say ‘we were there’.


Year 2

So Lex will be in a wholly Year 2 class with his current class teacher (different classroom though). He’s happy (his friends are in his class) and so are we (hopefully his teacher will know him well enough to keep stretching him).

So tomorrow we find out Lex’s class for next year

It’s a big day tomorrow – Lex finds out which teacher and classmates he will have for Year 2. There will definitely be a bit of change since this year he has been in a Year 1/2 class and last year in a Year R/1 class but there will not be a Year 2/3 class next year. This means that many of his current classmates will be in middle school whilst he remains in lower school.

As with many things in schools there have been rumours and supposition appearing as the date for the kids to find out draws nearer. Lower school this year consisted of all Year 1/2 classes but perhaps next year will see one Year 1, one Year 1/2 and one Year 2? I’m am somewhat hopeful that Lex will be in a straight Year 2 class as it feels like that will mean a better chance of good extension work rather than ‘working down’ to a Year 1 level. I feel somewhat tiger mum at times – I don’t want to see him coast and since the school is not pushy (good sometimes but infuriating at others) he needs to have other good students to compete with in order to fulfil his potential.

So we wait and keep our fingers crossed to see what the PTB have decided to do for next year.