So tomorrow we find out Lex’s class for next year

It’s a big day tomorrow – Lex finds out which teacher and classmates he will have for Year 2. There will definitely be a bit of change since this year he has been in a Year 1/2 class and last year in a Year R/1 class but there will not be a Year 2/3 class next year. This means that many of his current classmates will be in middle school whilst he remains in lower school.

As with many things in schools there have been rumours and supposition appearing as the date for the kids to find out draws nearer. Lower school this year consisted of all Year 1/2 classes but perhaps next year will see one Year 1, one Year 1/2 and one Year 2? I’m am somewhat hopeful that Lex will be in a straight Year 2 class as it feels like that will mean a better chance of good extension work rather than ‘working down’ to a Year 1 level. I feel somewhat tiger mum at times – I don’t want to see him coast and since the school is not pushy (good sometimes but infuriating at others) he needs to have other good students to compete with in order to fulfil his potential.

So we wait and keep our fingers crossed to see what the PTB have decided to do for next year.

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