Signing times and rolling off

Today Eli waved bye bye to Nana repeatedly for the first time. It was very cute and he was very proud of himself. He’s also started to sign ‘milk’ although not each time he wants to eat. I’m looking forward to the next phase, where he starts to be able to let us know what he wants and needs with more than a cry, scream or shout. Both Lex and Tilly did some signing before they started to talk and it was both cute and useful. Lex even made up some of his own signs – a fist in the air was thank you – and he could ask for another biscuit even as the first was still in his mouth…

Parenting fail this evening for me – Eli ‘forgot’ how to roll when he learnt how to crawl but this skill has now returned. I shouldn’t have trusted him to stay where I left him on the bed this evening as I sorted out the curtains but I did and a thump was my reminder that he’s fast, mobile and too young not to fling himself off things. He was ok, just shocked – I hate it when things like that happen, I was just that fraction too slow sorting things out.

Where we’re at

Right, clearly I am rubbish at posting¬†regularly¬†but let’s see if I can keep motivated this time. This will be a bit of a mishmash post but I’ve got to start somewhere.

Eli will be 10 months old in 2 days – currently he is asleep in bed upstairs by himself. This is a recent development as until a few weeks ago he would sleep on me each evening until I headed to bed. Now that he goes to bed alone (give or take two or 10 trips upstairs to settle him again) I have a bit more of an evening. Whilst baby cuddles are lovely, finally sorting out the lounge (2 bags of paper recycling!) and getting my BFN coursework done is a relief. Sadly nights have been somewhat awful recently – he’s heading into another developmental spurt (love the Wonder Weeks for warning me) or maybe more teeth are on their way. He finally got his first two teeth last month so teething has started in earnest. He is also now an accomplished crawler and is working hard at his standing and cruising. He is much more cautious than the other two ever were so is likely to be a bit later at walking, it does seem strange that Lex and Tilly were both walking at the age he is now but they were both much less bothered about falling over!

We are still using cloth nappies full time – we even took them to Center Parcs at Easter – and am enjoying having decent weather to dry them outside. My favourites are definitely my Tots Bots Easyfits during the day and Tots Bots bamboozle stretchies at night (with a Motherease airflow wrap). Our cotton night nappies just weren’t up to the job – Eli seems to be a fairly heavy wetter and wet sleeping bag and bed was tiresome. The bamboozles have been great though.

This week Tilly starts her settling in sessions at school. She gets two afternoon story sessions and then two full mornings. She is very ready for school! Currently she would like to know how to read and so we are teaching her (in a very low key way) and she is starting to recognise a few letters and blending simple CVC words like C-A-T. Her best friend from nursery will be joining her at school and they seem to be at a similar level which hopefully means they’ll be put in the same groups.

Lex is only a few weeks away from finishing Year 1. He will be in a mixed Year 1/2 class again next year but as of yet we don’t know who his classmates will be nor who his teacher is. He continues to be a very able reader – currently he is reading Harry Potter (Mumsnet cliche but nevermind), the Enchanted Wood (Enid Blyton) and the Witches (Roald Dahl). We are working on his handwriting as this is a bit hit or miss – I’ve decided that the school is basically good but there are a couple of places they are a bit patchy on so Lex gets some homeschool.

So, that’s a start – will once again try and do better at regular updates, however, am likely to fail sadly.