Snow day

Last night about 3 or so inches of snow fell and so there was a lot of excitement from Tilly this morning. I think she has had a brilliant day, she:

  • went out in the morning with R and Eli for a walk down to the lake and back – when R took off her wellies he discovered she had snow in them and wet socks, she was having so much fun she never complained;
  • went out in the late morning/early afternoon with R to build a snowman which she thought was brilliant;
  • went out in the afternoon with R, Eli and me on the sled, R dragged her around the lake occasionally doing a run down a slope which she loved;
  • went out in the late afternoon with Lex after he arrived home (long journey, no snow in Southampton but a major road closure resulted in a longish diversion).

I think, given the chance, that she would have stayed in the snow all day. Now we just have to wait and see if the schools are open tomorrow. R is already disappointed that his is. Will have to go out in the car to take Tilly to meet her cousins’ new puppy – not sure I would ever hear the end of it if I call the play date off.

In a nutshell

Eli is still ill – mainly congested today but I think his ear is still bothering him. So an otherwise good day can be summed up as:

  • Southampton: Lex is away for the weekend with Nana and Oupa.
  • Swimming: Tilly is doing really well, no worries about putting her head underwater – like Lex at this age she can swim as far as she can hold her breath.
  • Arty Crafts: as Tilly’s treat activity whilst Lex is away we took her to buy some cheap art kits to use – she chose stickers, wooden spoon superheroes and a couple of other bits. After lunch she had a great time doing everything with R.
  • Restaurant: Took Tilly out for lunch – she’s been nagging to go to this particular place for a while.


Ear infection part deux

It’s back… It announced itself on Wednesday night with inconsolable screaming at 23.15 and 2.20 and by the morning there was delightful gunk expelling itself from Eli’s ear. A doctors visit yielded a new prescription for antibiotics much to Eli’s displeasure. We’ll follow up with the doctor on Thursday and hopefully by then the infection will be gone. Until such time I’ll be existing on not much sleep and cuddling a poorly baby.


Nappy stash

Our current daytime stash:

  • 6 patterned Tots Bots easyfits
  • 7 rainbow Tots Bots easyfits
  • 3 Itti Bitti tuttos
  • 6 gNappies (12 gCloth and gPouches)

Not pictured (but included in the count above):

  • 1 game day (red and navy striped) gPant
  • 1 green gPant

Night nappy stash:

  • 3 bumbles
  • 6 rainbow Tots Bots cotton tots
  • 2 Tots Bots flexiwraps
  • 4 Motherease airflow wraps

Not pictured:

  • yellow cotton tot
  • pink cotton tot
  • orange flexiwrap

We currently have enough nappies to mean I only have to wash every third or fourth day. We may have enough (but they are so lovely and I might be ever so slightly addicted).