Snow day

Last night about 3 or so inches of snow fell and so there was a lot of excitement from Tilly this morning. I think she has had a brilliant day, she:

  • went out in the morning with R and Eli for a walk down to the lake and back – when R took off her wellies he discovered she had snow in them and wet socks, she was having so much fun she never complained;
  • went out in the late morning/early afternoon with R to build a snowman which she thought was brilliant;
  • went out in the afternoon with R, Eli and me on the sled, R dragged her around the lake occasionally doing a run down a slope which she loved;
  • went out in the late afternoon with Lex after he arrived home (long journey, no snow in Southampton but a major road closure resulted in a longish diversion).

I think, given the chance, that she would have stayed in the snow all day. Now we just have to wait and see if the schools are open tomorrow. R is already disappointed that his is. Will have to go out in the car to take Tilly to meet her cousins’ new puppy – not sure I would ever hear the end of it if I call the play date off.

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