It’s a hard knock life for Tilly

Today for the first time that I can remember, Tilly decided to take herself to bed for a nap. It probably didn’t help that she was woken up by Lex before 6 (although he did just sit on his bed with her and read her stories) or that she has to work hard at swimming lessons. The proverbial straw was a slip on the stairs. She slipped and knocked her back, a few tears and a cuddle ensued but she clearly wasn’t feeling right. She then decided to take herself to bed, and there she stayed until I retrieved her thinking that she needed a bit of a gap before bed time. She definitely felt better for the nap. Here’s hoping she wakes at a reasonable time tomorrow.

Catching up

Today has been about catching up on the laundry. With much help from my mum, 4 loads went through the machine and lots of clean clothes were put away.

Eli had his last dose of antibiotics today – here’s hoping the infection is gone and I can get back to normal soon. Tired of the house looking like a hurricane’s just been through.

Just another manic Monday

Really feel like I’m living my life in bullet points at the moment:

  • I may have actually slept last night – fingers crossed Eli continues to feel better;
  • met SIL and BIL’s new puppy – ridiculously cute;
  • Tilly had tea at nursery because with Nana in London and daddy at work late, she got fed and didn’t have to hang around at the gymnastics gym;
  • Eli spent far too much time in the car and amazingly didn’t moan about it until the penultimate journey (of 10!);
  • walking in the snow is hard work and all my muscles ache.