90 Years Young



Yesterday we celebrated R’s grandmother’s 90th birthday, Whilst she’s not able to get about as well as she used to, Gran is still a feisty lady even if she is going quite deaf. She loves her clothes, shoes and jewellery – there is probably not much doubt that she’s more stylish than I am.

The kids love her – it probably doesn’t hurt that she generally comes bearing sweets or chocolates and that a visit to GG’s is made sweeter with biscuits. Her 80th birthday doesn’t seem all that long ago – a centenary would be cool.

Yet Another Cold

So Eli has yet another cold. I can’t remember how many he’s had before – at this point it feels like he’s had a cold for most of his 4.5 months. Personally I think the poor kid might get some respite from the continual viruses if his sister could keep her fingers off his face!

So tonight I will be attempting to sleep and probably not succeeding whilst a snuffly baby snores on my chest.

Despite the grumpy picture below, he’s actually pretty happy and not too bothered about his blocked nose, right now at least.


Cookie Homework (not as tasty as it sounds)

This weekend we will be spending time with Cookie, Lex’s class bear. Apparently names are chosen from a hat to determine who gets the pleasure of his company and this weekend is our turn.

Cookie is a bit demanding in that he requires you to take photos of the activities he joins in with. These then need to be printed and added to his diary. I am impressed that he has only visited the zoo twice so far.

I will be heading to Boots on Sunday to print pictures. At least this weekend is slightly more interesting than normal since GG’s birthday party (90th!) is tomorrow. Swimming and church should round off his weekend nicely. Now if we can get over Tilly’s jealousy of Lex’s bear babysitting life will be a bit easier.


Starting again

Going to have another go at blogging… Spent a lovely morning at LLL. Eli is one of a few babies 1-5 months old and Tilly has her friends there too. It’s relaxing because I get to sit and chat whilst Tilly is able to run about and play without too much supervision.

Yesterday was Eli’s first baby massage session. Mixed results I think – he wasn’t too keen on having to lie on his back all that time and preferred to sit on my lap watching all the other babies. He’s the oldest one there and I’m the only person who has other children. There’s a few other BFers so that’s always nice. The conversation moved to routines at one point and I found myself just nodding whilst biting my tongue. Best not to out oneself as ‘one of those’ right away, that said they may have guessed what with the sling, cloth nappies and the BFing!

Tomorrow swimming starts again for the term – hoping that now Lex’s gymnastics is on a Monday that he’ll progress a bit better. If he could keep from being too distracted and determined to swim at the bottom of the pool he’d probably be quite good…

Tomorrow will also hopefully be the day the Christmas tree comes down – fingers crossed!