Getting there

Another horrendous night – Eli woke at around 1.30am and it went downhill from there. At around 3am I went downstairs and he settled (and I dozed) until about 4.30am but then the screaming started and so I headed back to the bedroom to avoid waking the other kids.

R left me to sleep in the morning and took the big kids to swimming lessons by himself leaving Eli and I to rest which has definitely helped. After swimming the kids were desperate to go to Nana’s so they all headed off there – extra peace, bliss! The screaming fits have been non-existant, fingers crossed for actual sleep tonight.


Cream crackered

Today has been somewhat long and relentless. Another night of Eli screaming and unable to be settled at 3am (calpol was the trick but that took time to work) means I’ve not been particularly with it today. Poor Tilly has been somewhat neglected but was very good and generally ok with my lack of ability to play. Have now foisted the boy onto his father and am enjoying a bit of space for a moment.

I’ve not quite worked out what’s up with Eli but since he’s not running a temperature, is breathing ok and painkillers seem to help it just doesn’t seem worth a doctors visit. Considering how hard it is to get him to take paracetamol or ibuprofen I’m not sure how I could get any other medicine, if it were prescribed, down him anyway! Perhaps it’s a ear infection – one ear seems a bit gunky?

Thankfully it is Saturday tomorrow, my weekly lie-in and the potential for R to take the older kids swimming if Eli needs to stay home (i.e. if I can’t drag myself out). I’ve just bribed Lex into putting some toys in the playroom – thankfully stickers are good currency in this house.

Next week will also be easier since we should be busier – lots of things to break up the days, a visit to a cousin and a visit from a LLL friend are all events to look forward to. Maybe Eli will be sleeping better again soon and I’ll be able to be thoughtful over a post…



I think this is one of my most favourite photos ever. Eli loves his Baby Eureka group and is desperate to play in the treasure basket but at 4.5 months can’t quite get his hands to do what he wants. Today he slept through the latter half of the session after lots of bouncing and attempts at the treasure basket. It’s been a bit quiet – there was only us last time and one other baby this week but it’s still a lovely group. I never went when Lex was a baby and couldn’t take a toddler when Tilly was teeny so I’m very happy to get to go this time.

Getting there on the school run

Lex ‘timing’ Tilly eating her cereal.

Slowly making progress on the school run. Lex helped push Eli this morning and that seemed to take his mind off racing Tilly. He got a sticker as I don’t think I had to shout his name at him once so yay. Tilly moaned about being cold and tired but I even won her around by leaving Lex in the playground before the bell rang and taking her home for hot chocolate and biscuits.

Thankfully the day started well as Eli then had an attack of the three-Cs: crankiness, crying and clinginess. Didn’t get anything done really but managed to keep everyone fed and get the kids to and from school/nursery as well as getting the kids to bed by myself since R had training and Mum is poorly sick. Kids were in bed by 18.45 – bliss!

What Tilly Thinks

I found this list of 21 questions to ask your kids on another blog. Below are the questions and the answers Tilly gave at 4 years 2 months (questions in bold, Tilly’s answers are plain and my comments are in italics):

  1. What is something Mummy always says to you? Be good or stuff.
  2. What makes Mummy happy? Me being good.
  3. What makes Mummy sad? Me not being good. (a bit of a theme going on here…)
  4. How does Mummy make you laugh? Being silly.
  5. What was Mummy like as a child? Don’t like slow reading – Nana told me that.
  6. How old is Mummy? 18
  7. How tall is Mummy? Very tall.
  8. What is Mummy’s favourite thing to do? You like to do sitting down and having quiet and not having in trouble.
  9. What does Mummy do when you’re not around? Watch TV.
  10. If Mummy becomes famous what will it be for? Money.
  11. What is Mummy really good at? Looking after children. (warms the cockles)
  12. What is Mummy not very good at? Meetings. (she wasn’t very clear on this one)
  13. What does Mummy do for her job? You do painting. (sounds fun)
  14. What is Mummy’s favourite food? Lasagne.
  15. What makes you proud of Mummy? Having sweeties.
  16. If Mummy was a cartoon character who would she be? You would be guess and Jess. (Jess from Guess with Jess – guess what was on TV at the time)
  17. What do you and Mummy do together? We look after Eli.
  18. How are you and Mummy the same? We’re not the same.
  19. How are you and Mummy different? Because we were born different.
  20. How do you know Mummy loves you? Because you really love me, you don’t love Daddy only sometimes. (apparently I only really love her)
  21. Where is Mummy’s favourite place to go? London.

School Run

The school run has become a bit of a battle. Tilly and Lex constantly argue about who’s in front (Tilly probably wouldn’t care if Lex didn’t) and I’m having to shout to stop them pushing and shoving next to the road.

I might be starting to win though. Lex needs to earn 20 stickers in order to get another Lego ninjago toy and the rule is any fighting, no sticker. Today I managed to call him back and get him to walk alongside me without a tantrum for short bursts. He still won’t get a sticker because the reason he needed to walk alongside me was the fighting he and his sister were doing but baby steps and all that. I must admit I find the kids behaviour mortifying and it makes me miserable.

It really is the interaction between the two oldest that causes the problem – walking with just one or the other (Tilly’s by herself on the way home and Lex is most afternoons) is quite pleasant at times.

Eli is nice and easy – he just sits in the pushchair, sometimes a bit grizzly but most times happy and/or asleep…

Card Games


Today Lex was desperate for someone to play a card game with him. He wasn’t clear on which game, just that it should involve ’32 cards and 2 jokers mummy’ (still gets 3s and 5s mixed up). After much gnashing of teeth as R was busy and I had a sleeping Eli on my lap and thus no ability to lean forward, he settled on a memory game matching suits not numbers. He was happy to play for both of us though in the final count he won by a card…

My favourite bit came when he confuddled me slightly by going on about the leprechaun cards ‘you know like their leaves’.