Busy, busy, busy

Today was one of those days where sitting down seems like a luxury but the day itself is ultimately satisfying.

First thing was the walk to school as usual. I’m pleased to say that the issues we were having with the school run do seem to be a thing of the past. Tilly even managed to walk – no scooter because she was carrying her umbrella – and despite being a bit slow it was not a traumatic event!

Then Mum and I took Tilly to the pre-schooler session at the gymnastics studio. She loved the first half but was tired and a bit flat for the second. She did enjoy jumping into the crash pit but hated parachute play. Apparently she’ll go again when she’s bigger.

A trip to Tescos to exchange some too small baby clothes that R received from a colleague. Eli now owns a flat cap which is still a bit big but very cute!

Then to Sainsbury’s for lunch as the Tesco cafĂ© looked a bit ick and a small bit of shopping after.

Popped home to get Eli’s red book and then took Tilly to nursery and Eli to the baby clinic to get weighed. He’s now 15lb 4oz – built very much like his brother was at the same age (Tilly was a bit heavier and chunkier than the others).

Home again for a quick break then back to school to fetch Lex. Another short break at home then off again to get Tilly from nursery. Time for a short breather then dinner and baths. Was running a little late so didn’t have the kids in bed before Mum popped over to babysit whilst I went to a PTA meeting. Home at 20.30 – R home 45 minutes later. Had a cup of tea now bed and phew…


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