Zoo and a massage

Nana, Oupa, Tilly, Eli and I took a trip to the zoo today. Tilly had fun playing with one of her Thursday morning gang in the play area and Eli had his first play in the baby area. Eli loved looking around at all the bright pictures and trying to sit and stand – won’t be long until he’s cruising around in there…

We watched the sealions being fed until Tilly decided that the underwater tunnel was too scary and that she didn’t like being underwater. We then went to watch the penguin feed – penguins were also declared scary but she was happy to watch as long as Nana held her. I’m not sure where Tilly’s fears spring from – they often appear out of nowhere, just from an extremely vivid imagination.


Eli had his third baby massage class after the zoo. He does seem to enjoy himself and happily chatted to me throughout. He was the only baby who didn’t cry today. I haven’t yet figured out a good time to practise what I’ve learnt but will try to make the effort soon as he does enjoy it.

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