Cream crackered

Today has been somewhat long and relentless. Another night of Eli screaming and unable to be settled at 3am (calpol was the trick but that took time to work) means I’ve not been particularly with it today. Poor Tilly has been somewhat neglected but was very good and generally ok with my lack of ability to play. Have now foisted the boy onto his father and am enjoying a bit of space for a moment.

I’ve not quite worked out what’s up with Eli but since he’s not running a temperature, is breathing ok and painkillers seem to help it just doesn’t seem worth a doctors visit. Considering how hard it is to get him to take paracetamol or ibuprofen I’m not sure how I could get any other medicine, if it were prescribed, down him anyway! Perhaps it’s a ear infection – one ear seems a bit gunky?

Thankfully it is Saturday tomorrow, my weekly lie-in and the potential for R to take the older kids swimming if Eli needs to stay home (i.e. if I can’t drag myself out). I’ve just bribed Lex into putting some toys in the playroom – thankfully stickers are good currency in this house.

Next week will also be easier since we should be busier – lots of things to break up the days, a visit to a cousin and a visit from a LLL friend are all events to look forward to. Maybe Eli will be sleeping better again soon and I’ll be able to be thoughtful over a post…


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