Getting there on the school run

Lex ‘timing’ Tilly eating her cereal.

Slowly making progress on the school run. Lex helped push Eli this morning and that seemed to take his mind off racing Tilly. He got a sticker as I don’t think I had to shout his name at him once so yay. Tilly moaned about being cold and tired but I even won her around by leaving Lex in the playground before the bell rang and taking her home for hot chocolate and biscuits.

Thankfully the day started well as Eli then had an attack of the three-Cs: crankiness, crying and clinginess. Didn’t get anything done really but managed to keep everyone fed and get the kids to and from school/nursery as well as getting the kids to bed by myself since R had training and Mum is poorly sick. Kids were in bed by 18.45 – bliss!

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