School Run

The school run has become a bit of a battle. Tilly and Lex constantly argue about who’s in front (Tilly probably wouldn’t care if Lex didn’t) and I’m having to shout to stop them pushing and shoving next to the road.

I might be starting to win though. Lex needs to earn 20 stickers in order to get another Lego ninjago toy and the rule is any fighting, no sticker. Today I managed to call him back and get him to walk alongside me without a tantrum for short bursts. He still won’t get a sticker because the reason he needed to walk alongside me was the fighting he and his sister were doing but baby steps and all that. I must admit I find the kids behaviour mortifying and it makes me miserable.

It really is the interaction between the two oldest that causes the problem – walking with just one or the other (Tilly’s by herself on the way home and Lex is most afternoons) is quite pleasant at times.

Eli is nice and easy – he just sits in the pushchair, sometimes a bit grizzly but most times happy and/or asleep…

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